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Learning Paths and Counseling Ministry

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read this. There are 2 sections below. SECTION ONE is about the Learning Paths offered at Grief Blooms and SECTION TWO is about my approach to ministry.




Grief Blooms offers two Learning Paths that meet different needs, The Grief Recovery Method® and The Nine Needs Method®. Both methods are focused on how to:

  • Stop unconscious patterns tripping you up

  • Improve your focus and concentration

  • Understand yourself and others better

  • Boost your confidence and ability to handle stressful situations

Each Learning Path leads to discovering underlying patterns causing harm and then generates and encourages helpful patterns that will heal and maintain the heart and mind.

As the serving minister at Grief Blooms, my role is to support you through the Learning Path method that will address your needs.


Both methods are evidence based, and each one serves to address either grief or depression. Whether you feel as if you have everything under control or feel out of control, the emotional alignment of faulty patterns is essential to address grief or depression. Each method serves to guide the journey from harmful to helpful patterns. Each method leads to revive an instinctive awareness that boosts the experience of meaning, purpose, and gratitude. But each method serves two different purposes:


  • The Grief Recovery Method® is a 6-week action program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses. This empowering journey takes you on a tailored-to-fit discovery, based on your life's unique experiences with loss and change. This program is recommended for anyone experiencing grief or for anyone with incomplete grief events.



  • The Nine Needs Method® is an assessment and guidance tool that teaches how depression operates. Then, determines a set of actions that address life-needs and serve to replace old thought patterns. This individualized program helps to design custom fit recovery plans focused on living life to its fullest. If you are aware that you are living with depression, you will find this program is ready to serve you. If your are not sure, I can help you achieve clarity to find out if it's right for you.


Neither Learning Path is a religious solution. Nor do the methods interfere with religious beliefs. This means welcoming members from across the spectrum of spiritual beliefs, whether Jewish or Atheist, Christian or Hindu, Muslim or Pagan. Although, they do offer spiritual refreshment for the soul.

Discover your Learning Path today! Below, you can schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery call and learn how to get started on the Learning Path best suited for you 




Regarding my approach to Christian Counseling:


When an individual reaches out to me for Christian counseling, I let them know that I am open and affirming, and I offer a listening ear to discover the best approach suited to meet their needs.


Many today are searching, but feel rightly so that an invitation to join a one-size-fits-all-or-be-doomed religion is spiritual depression. The idea that the message of "whosoever will" is used  to solely promote a self-righteous, condemnation echo chamber, is so obviously flawed. Despite this tendency of popular culture to lump all who believe in Jesus into one category, being a Christian means different things to different people.


I remember since childhood the blame game message, "If you are not on God's side (like WE ARE) ... then God rejects you." To be clear, my ministry does not share the distinctive qualities of any particular type of "Christianity" that exists to somehow measure you up to fit God's approval. Neither is my approach designed to make you feel as if you need to become part of a "holy" community to be saved while everyone else is doomed.


As a gay man, I am considered by some to be unworthy of helping others in matters of faith. Obviously, that opinion has not deterred me. My life's experience of a loving God who works by invitation, not manipulation, has gifted me with a heartfelt desire to be of service to others. Having experienced the unwelcoming sting of firm intent to exile the LGBTQ community, I have been hurt, but those malicious intentions backfired. Instead, they revealed to me and many others the awesomeness of God's love for all of us.


For the sake of being genuine, I feel the need to shed a little more light about myself. I am not only an ordained minister, I’m also a hairstylist who has been known for many years to allow, on occasion, the "F" word to slip out. In that respect, as a Christian, I’m considered by some to be on the fringe, or even worse. Just so you know, not fitting in and not meeting certain "requirements" is perfectly okay with me.  


You see, I have survived the religious hell thrown my way. Some, who ignored the vital stone casting rule, hurled at me their hate and fear disguised as "love." Thankfully, with God's love, my emotional journey and pain helped me arrive on the other side, swinging. What was intended to "fix me" instead prepared me to love others with a genuine, listening ear


Isn't it amazing how the effects of pain can be turned around and used to empower? Thankfully, through the Learning Paths that I have taken, that I now use to help others, I've learned! Oh, have I learned!


The foundational work that inspired Grief Blooms can do for you what it did for me. Regardless of who you are, where you are in your life, how or when the pain occurred, there is a Learning Path for you to heal grief and depression. Let's see which Learning Path can help you feel better and be better too!

I invite you to connect. Let's look at life together.

Truly, without remorse, Newman G. Millhollon-Turner

CONNECT: Below, you can schedule a complementary 15 minute discovery call. 




As with most of the guests who choose to work with me, it starts with a phone call. I offer a one-hour session for $65. Sessions are by remote video hosted on a HIPAA compliant platform. To work with me, you are assigned a client portal. We can talk, see each other, AND COMMUNICATE using a cell phone, notepad, or computer.

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