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Hi Norma and Jane!

I'm honored to be your guide as we go together on your unique journey in the Grief Recovery Group Program. 

First of all, Congratulations! Yesterday, you made the decision to join the Grief Recovery Group. By doing so, you took the first step forward on your journey in the Grief Recovery Method! 

Now, there is this ONE THING I want to share with you.
Q: What does this journey require?
A: It requires that you create a mindset of determination to stick with it. Just like you have with every other challenge you faced, stuck with it, and you were glad you did.
Remember, your success is measured by doing it and not shortchanging yourself.
  1. Just do the assignments.
  • Don't overthink it
  • Don't try to figure out
  • DO the steps!

Below is information to guide the purchase of an audiobook. Let me know when you get it or if you change your mind.

It is my hope that your experience of this journey will exceed any expectation you can imagine.
As we go, Newman

p.s. spread the word about what you are doing and invite others to join. Wednesday Nov 23rd at 9:45 will be the only opportunity for them to join in this 6-week group.

How to purchase your audiobook


You do not have to join a membership to purchase audiobooks, but you have to create an account and login regardless which vender you choose. And you will have to download an app for your device.


NOTE: There are several audio book venders. There's even a Top 20 Lists.



3 Recommendations: Spotify, Audible (by Amazon the largest audiobook publisher and store), and | Stream or Download Audiobooks Instantly! I Like all three.

Spotify – The Grief Recovery Handbook, 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition

Audible.comThe Grief Recovery Handbook, 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition by John W. James, Russell Friedman

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