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Grief Blooms is a ministry from the heart offering a range of emotional health and wellbeing support, meeting you where you are in your life's journey, for people of ALL sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. 

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Newman Millhollon-Turner
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 what I do - who it will benefit
At Grief Blooms I help you heal the shadowing effects of grief caused by any kind of loss.
The Grief Recovery Method® is the Learning Path I use to show you how to place grief where it rightfully belongs to heal and build resilience.  
Who can benefit?
  • People who feel that grief has consumed their life because of loss and change: death, divorce, breakup...

  • People whose lives are unhappy but don't know why

  • Businesses and Organizations that struggle providing their teams, staff, customers and members moral support

  • Anyone looking to improve the quality of their life and feel good about themselves

  • Anyone looking to improve their social and intimate relationships

  • People who feel socially anxious 

  • People who want to feel better because they don't feel good


GRIEF BLOOMS FROM THE HEART is a far reaching inclusive and affirming, non-denominational ministry dedicated to strengthen emotional well-being.


The ministry's director, Minister Newman Millhollon-Turner, is a Grief Coach Specialist certified in The Grief Recovery Method® and a Hairstylist.


Newman coaches one-to-one on The Grief Recovery Method® 7-Week Action Challenge. The method addresses lingering effects of grief events, teaching the tools and actions that honor the emotional trauma of loss and positions grief in its rightful, helpful place.


Participants are offered a series of safe, private interactive sessions on a HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST certified platform.

Learn how you can recover from the shadowing, painful effects caused by loss and restore helpful grief back to its rightful, healing place in your life.


  • This is not a religious solution. It does not interfere with or affect religious beliefs.

  • This is not an intervention approach. Individuals in therapy and /or taking medications need to be referred by their Therapist and/or Doctor.

  • This is not for everyone. It requires commitment and determination to follow through. When you're ready, it works! 

  • This is not a motivational program. It does not aim to offer a generalized solution that might fit some.

THE GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD® is an evidenced based program with over 40 years backed by real results. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken the class to learn how to address and stop the shadowing effects of emotional hurt caused by grief events. It is both educational and transformational. 

This information is designed for educational purposes only and does not replace a visit to or consultation with your licensed healthcare provider.


Grief Coach Specialist

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The Grief Recovery Method® (GRM) provides the knowledge to confidently understand how to navigate the complexities of grief.


The reason I became a GRM Specialist is to help others. The Grief Recovery Method® was nothing short of life-changing for me.


It helped me to:

  • identify unhealthy mental patterns

  • trace the patterns to their roots

  • fully express the underlying emotions

  • find greater compassion and forgiveness, and

  • align my intellect, emotions, and spirit together harmoniously more often.


I highly recommend GRM to anyone, especially if you think you have everything under control.


Why is it so important for me to help others recover from grief ?

I became aware of The Grief Recovery Method® at a place in my life where I realized the status quo wasn’t working. In fact, it was declining the quality of my life. I was struggling with my emotional wellbeing and the feelings about everything around me; happiness and interactions with others. Every day, I noticed common trends that we all seem to struggle with: shame, guilt, trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-worth, heartache, and so on. In trying to figure it out, I discovered the work of two guys, John James and Russell Friedman,


The Grief Recovery Method® came about through their life's experiences with grief. It taught me the tools and actions to take that revealed grief's haunting of my subconscious, including recent events and from long ago.

The personal work I did in the program brought forward the emotional events that needed to be addressed and completed. This helped me to release the clutter of incomplete grief that was shadowing my life, resulting in a revival of renewed daily living.


It has been a freeing experience that I didn’t know was possible. It returned the qualities of the child person I thought I had lost; a loving, trusting, and happy kid, but now with adult experience at 66 and my life's grief in its rightful place!


I am truly thankful for this. It is why I want to help others to experience the Grief Recovery Method®.


~ Newman Millhollon-Turner. Grief Recovery Method Specialist

The hurt experienced from emotional events throughout life causes grief to shadow us. The effects drain wellbeing and liveliness.
The problem is, when the hurt is unattended, the remaining shadowing grief doesn’t just heal and go away. Ignoring it or living with it doesn’t work either.


Grief left unchecked blurs decision making, life becomes more and more difficult. Often, it becomes isolating.

Offering a solution that leads to healing from the shadowing pain caused by loss and change is why I work in grief recovery.

How can you be happy when you don't feel like YOU? Unresolved grief keeps you from being YOU. The best YOU! Thankfully, there is a solution.

The Grief Recovery Method® is an action-based, powerful, directed approach to healing from life's deepest heartbreaks caused by loss and change. Regardless when they happened.

I show you how to heal the hurt caused by grief experiences, regardless when the emotional events happened. You will learn to use the only evidenced based grief-support method proven to uncover, release, and restore aliveness.


You might say, "I've moved on, that's all in the past."

You see, "moving on" is only about adjusting, not healing. Why adjust to the weight of carrying the burden of unresolved grief? There's no happiness in doing that. Discover your emotional truth and become the best YOU!

There are over 40 reasons identified as the cause for why we grieve. Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to change or loss of any kind – death, divorce, moving, financial changes, health changes, relationship changes and on and on… Grief is also the result of unmet hopes, dreams and expectations and the loss of intangible concepts such as safety, trust, security, respect, faith… and hope. Grief is universal.

I teach The Grief Recovery Method® because it is the most comprehensive, evidence based, and effective program proven to help people with broken hearts and devastating loss regardless of when it happened. 

You see, the grief you had from the dawning of your first conscience life experience are stored in your subconscious mind and  influence your conscious thoughts and behaviors.


The only way to halt the effects is to complete what happened that was left undone. If left undone, the effects continue to influence you in your day to day living; behaviors and choices.


The piling-up of incomplete emotions do not go away just because time passes. Instead they drain away your wellbeing and rob you of who you once were.

Healing is not only possible, it's real! As you heal, harmful actions change too.

healing for the brokenhearted

Anja Kerstin KUENTZEL

Anja and Phil are colleagues in my network that I recommend providing a greater reach and access to help more people

Phil Cox, PhD
Circle of Friends Long Logo.png

Welcome to the Grief Blooms From The Heart Ministry. You are invited to join me in the Circle of Friends to explore with me The Grief Recovery Method®. This enlightened, evidenced based understanding of grief teaches how grief experienced from personal emotional loss impacts our lives, what not to do that we commonly do, and what to do to effectively set the parameters for healing to begin.


How do I know? Because The Grief Recovery Method® did this for me and also, for more than 500,000 people all over the country and abroad. JOIN ME



Are you in crisis? Are you experiencing thoughts of hurting or killing yourself?
If so, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room.
Other help and resources are available:

The National Suicide
Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

For Veterans,
the Veterans Crisis Line

Call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1
Veteran's crisis text number is 838255

Teen and Youth
Crisis Line

Call 877-968-8491
Text teen2teen to 839863

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