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About Grief Blooms

The Full Story

Grief Blooms is a ministry from the heart offering a range of support for emotional health and wellbeing, meeting you where you are in your life's journey, for people of ALL sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. 

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“Welcome, we are so glad you are here!”

Our Mission is to help congregations develop a welcoming embodying God’s extravagant WELCOME!

These words of welcome and the accompanying atmosphere of support, understanding and love are what we all long for as we enter our churches, live as members, or experience important life-cycle events (falling in love, marrying, having children, baptism, confirmation, coming out, transitioning, etc.). This experience of God’s Extravagant Welcome and the justice and societal witness that go with it are the heart of what we hope to facilitate with Building an Inclusive Church.

How to Begin

A Welcoming Process is an officially recognized path that includes relational organizing, education, some kind of public vote and a public statement of Welcome for persons of ALL sexual orientations and gender identities. Additionally, we have sought to use “general” language. For instance, we use “Welcoming,” but within the Lutheran and Methodist traditions, it is known as “Reconciling” and, within the United Church of Christ (UCC) and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), “Open and Affirming.”


Thank you for joining with us. And may God bless and guide us in the endeavor to Welcome ALL!

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