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Make your Divorce as easy and painless, but as friendly as possible.

The Full Story

As a trained Friendly Divorce Mediator, I can help you ease your heartache and stress, conserve your resources, protect your children, and move forward towards an uncontested divorce.

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“Welcome, we are so glad you are here!”

The Divorce Challenge

Divorce is often one of life’s most difficult challenges. Even if you are the initiator of the divorce, the “loss” of a marriage has a wide impact: socially, financially, psychologically, physically, and legally.


If you have minor or adult children, the emotional impact is magnified as your role as parent is redefined and the logistics of day-to-day childcare are restructured.


If divorce has come as a surprise, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and drained as you are forced to make major life decisions during an emotionally charged time.

How to Begin

Divorce does not have to destroy you. Aa a Friendly Divorce Mediator, my mission is to make your divorce as easy, painless, and friendly as possible. The unique mediation model I use encourages a dialogue so the couple can ease their heartache and stress by working together to conserve their resources, protect their children, and move forward towards an uncontested divorce.

Working Together
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