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Grief Recovery Method

Weekly One-to-One Online Sessions






Your Instructor

Newman Millhollon-Turner

"Offering a real solution is why I became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist."

Newman Millhollon-Turner

About the Course

The hurt experienced from emotional events harms us in ways that we are unconsciously aware of. Grief shadows us. The glooming effects of grief don't just go away as time passes. Left unchecked, wellbeing and aliveness is steadily drained away. As we age, it becomes worst. The problem is, grief unattended remains an unhealed emotional injury. The injury is caused when the grief experiences occurred and the days that follow because we are not taught how to grieve. Grief doesn’t just heal itself and go away like we are told. Thinking positive thoughts and telling ourselves to "move on" or "time heals" isn't helpful because it doesn't address the effects but buries the pain deeper. As time goes on, grief left unchecked blurs day to day life more and more. It blurs the moment and plans of the future. The affects it has on decision making creates isolation, causing life to become more and more difficult . The solution is not found in coping and adjusting but in learning The Grief Recovery Method®, an action-based, powerful, directed approach to healing from the effects of life's deepest heartbreaks caused by loss and change. Regardless when the experience happened, yesterday or when you were three years old, you can recovery from grief and its effects.

Who can benefit?
  • People who feel that grief has consumed their life because of loss and change: death, divorce, breakup...

  • People whose lives are unhappy but don't know why

  • Businesses and Organizations that struggle providing their teams, staff, customers and members moral support

  • Anyone looking to improve the quality of their life and feel good about themselves

  • Anyone looking to improve their social and intimate relationships

  • People who feel socially anxious

  • People who want to feel better because they don't feel good

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