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Life Certificate Writing Class 

In this class you will learn to write a Life Certificate as a celebration to honor the life of a lost loved one
Online Class
2 Modules - 1 lesson per Module - 1 Assignment between lessons. Minimum Time Investment 90 MIN

One of the most arduous trials of human life is enduring the death of a loved one. When faced with grief, we carry the heavy burden of sorrow with us as we attempt to make sense of life without the deceased.

A helpful approach to coping with grief is to remember good things about the deceased. This process of honoring through remembrance forms the foundation of the Life Certificate.


This class aims to guide the exercise of creating a Life Certificate. The goal is to honor the lives of lost loved ones and solidify an enduring emotional connection with the deceased.


This exercise can help participants renegotiate their relationship with grief.

In this exercise, you will create a Life Certificate for your lost loved one. A Life Certificate is a way for you to honor this special person and the unique relationship you had. Through remembering and honoring them in this way, they remain with you for eternity – in your memories, the stories you tell, and the life you live as a result of having had the privilege of knowing them.

The finished result is approximately 200 words. It is easily read and understood. It makes an eye-catching tribute on any wall.

You have the options to have the Life Certificate designed, printed, and mailed directly to you, and/or have it also published online to share with anyone or through a private login portal.

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