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Balancing Act: Navigating the Dual Realities of Modern Entrepreneurship

Running a solo-entrepreneur business or a small enterprise involves more than just existing; it demands an active online presence, which requires a completely different skill set. Navigating the social media landscape feels essential for visibility and success, yet it's a realm distinct from the core of the business.

Balancing an online presence with offline work is challenging. It forces one to confront a tough decision: should the focus be on producing higher quality work or achieving a broader reach? This isn't a binary choice; it's about finding the right balance between real-world engagement and online visibility. Adjusting this balance impacts each aspect in turn.

Despite the modern era's digital dominance, there's still a belief that quality work can naturally attract an audience. It may not be as extensive as it could be with aggressive online marketing, but it can be significant in its own merit. Traditional word-of-mouth, the original social media, still has the power to elevate quality work.

Believing that quality can stand on its own and be its own advocate may require a leap of faith. Yet, this belief is crucial for the future of art, innovation, and the essence of our culture. It's a commitment to the idea that true quality will always find its way to the surface.

Newman is a Hair Stylist and Grief Support Coach


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