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Sponsored by Jerry and Mike

Disco For The Soul
Special Invitation

You are invited to join us in the Grief Recovery Group sponsored for our friends and family. Starting: November ___ through December___.


We are hosting the online introduction in a video meeting scheduled for  _(date)___ at _(time)___

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Jerry and Mike

Join HERE to sign up for the introductory meeting

Why Join?

Hi, this is Newman.

There is but one opportunity to live this life to its fullest. Unequipped to face grief, life only gets harder.


Imagine what life would look like if we could remove hindering blocks preventing a fully realized life. What if it was something we could do together in a group? And, without telling details of our life's stories. Would you join?


I did! And it worked for me! That's why I became a Grief Recovery Specialist.

You see, incomplete memory-feelings from grief play a tune I call "the toxic note." It's a sound in the subconscious that vibrates an influence over thoughts, decisions, and happiness. Living with memory-feelings intact but incomplete, presents a persistent struggle with toxic negativity. As time passes it gets harder and harder to tune out the interference.


The Grief Recovery Method addresses this. It is a is a dynamic process for individual's growth guiding the discovery of avoidances during times of sorrow from losses of varying kinds and emotional intensity.  So now, memory-feelings can process. leaving the memory intact without the toxic, negative banging. Neutralizing the negativity, recomposing the feelings into a helpful melody!


In the group, you will discover how to work with an incomplete emotional event. So, you will be equipped with everything you need after learning the Grief Recovery Method.  You can then apply the process to other emotional events from the past, and those to come.

This invitation honors the role that music plays in our life's journey. Besides being a Disco Fan and dancing the night away at Grand Central, I'm also a Bob Marley Fan. i wonder what it would sound life to combining Gloria Gaynor's iconic "I Will Survive" and Bob Marley's memorable refrain from One Love, "Let's get together and feel alright".

For me, the question is, "Why would anyone not join a group of familiar faces and create deeper, meaningful bonds?"

"The effects of incomplete grief can empower the smallest glitch to overtake the day, a week, a lifetime. While telling ourselves we are in control, instead of sailing free!" ~ Newman Millhollon Turner, Grief Recovery Specialist



Q: What is a Sponsored Private-Group?

A: In short, it is a group of people connected to each other by a person or couple.


Q: Where is the group held?

A: The group is held in an online format designed to fit into anyone's busy schedule, anywhere!

Q: What are the requirements for joining the group?

A: 1. Follow the link to join the group; 2. Purchase the handbook Name; and 3. Schedule time to do assignments, an average of 30 minutes, 5 times a week or 2.5 hours a week. You may choose a pace that works best for you.

Follow these three housekeeping steps to get started:


1. Purchase a copy of The Grief Recovery Handbook online. The hard copy is recommended. But to jump right in, also purchase a digital or audio version to accompany to the hardcopy.


2. Your goal is to complete the Grief Recovery Method within a group learning experience. Participating includes reading assignments in the Grief Recovery Handbook and accompanying exercises. The Grief Recovery Method is over a 6-week period. That means scheduling the time that works best for you, based on 2.5 hours a week time investment. Plus, a weekly group meeting via zoom. Each meeting is recorded for convenience.

3. Join HERE

NOTE: Transformative learning supports critical ways in which learners consciously make meaning of their lives, beyond just learning a concept and leaving it at that.

ANNOUNCEMEMT: The Grief Recovery Cruise for groups in the Grief Recovery Method are forming NOW!


My amazing friend, college and Cruise Specialist, Judy at Trip'N with Judy Travel is our professional travel .  Celebrating life on the Seas, sailing with fresh perspective and meaning.


Imagine a Cruise Ship with people having fun, in a space freed to relax, having had a transformative experience, but have never met before! We also arrange Grief Recovery Cruises to meet the needs of specific sponsored grief recovery private groups like this one. For more Information, contact _________

JudyTravel Profile Button6.png
Grief Blooms

“Heart Talks” and Actionable Steps that allow people to acknowledge, express, and release their grief and sorrow

"At Grief Blooms, "Heart Talks" is defined as what your heart wants to say to you." ~ Newman

If you would like to assist Newman in his Grief Blooms Ministry, you can help him continue to grow by joining the Grief Recovery Club. Supporting Membership levels are $25, $15, or $5 a month. Signup HERE!

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