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Adapting to Life after Loss

We all experience profound losses in our lives.

Deep sadness of our human condition runs deep.

But how do we honor it fully? Express it fully? Love it fully?

For most of us, grief remains in our bodies.

Many of us are afraid to open up to the strong emotion - for very understandable reasons.

A journey in grief recovery can help us metabolize our sorrow and stay present for the fullness of this precious human life.

The Grief Recovery Method


Hi, I'm Newman, a Grief Recovery Program Specialist. I guide the Grief Recovery Method in one-on-one sessions for individuals and lead in-group grief support communities.


The Mysterious Effects of Grief

Grief Blooms



The Rules We Follow

Deeply wired into our nervous system are all our family-based survival rules. These rules have taught us avoidance. Even when we stand up to fight for ourselves or others it's often to avoid solving the real problem. 

When Grief Turns to Struggle

Grief experiences need to be given voice. Unheard, the impatiently wait. The waiting grief can turn on a dime, triggering mysterious thoughts and behaviors. 


Besides family rules, we are also influenced by societal-based rules. These rules deeply limit the grief process. "Get over it! Move on!" Are just two of over 140 messages we hear about  grief. These messages tell us to avoid what we feel and that it's more important to fit in than to grieve.​


Incomplete Grief

Grief appears in our thoughts and also hides. A featured part of Grief Blooms program is the Mysterious Grief Sessions. The session offers a path to explore hidden grief, even if you think you have no grief. The focus is the discovery of emotional truths.

The Costs of Mysterious Grief

The effects result in frustrations that seem unsolvable, i.e., procrastination, freezing, over-thinking, over-giving, playing small or big, "boom and bust cycles,” and outright self-sabotage.

We attempt to heal by overly compensating, “being strong."  

Basically, we try all the things that don't work.


Trying to work around it just wastes more energy.


Avoidance & Distractions Are Not Superpowers

If only I had a dollar for every time someone told me, "I ignore it!" Mysterious grief saps rising energy. Ignoring it makes it worse.

If you or anyone you know could use some help with grief, contact me!

Setup a complementary introduction session HERE

 Actionable steps to breakthrough grief and stop hidden, cumulative negativity!

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The Rules
When Grief Turns Into Struggle
Incomplete Grief.
What is Mysterious Grief Costing You?
Avoidance and Distractions Are Not Superpowers
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